MacBook Pro won't Turn On Issues Should be Resolved Immediately

Mac operating system has become the first choice of the user because of its reliability, durability and security. It provides an elegant interface to perform all the related tasks efficiently. People prefers Mac operating system, and that is the reason why the commercial market is heaving with several Mac based laptops or desktops. MacBook Pro is a line of Macintosh portable computers which has been launched by apple Inc. MacBook Pro is the high end of the Macbook family and provides reliable and smooth performance. But in some cases it happens that the stability of MacBook pro gets disturbed and it start showing several peculiar behaviors. MacBook Pro won't turn on is one of the common problems which many of the users are experiencing now-a-days.

You might have experienced a situation in which you make attempt to turn on your MacBook Pro, but suddenly you found that it fails to turn on. After experiencing this situation, user really gets shocked and their mind gets wandering to find why they are experiencing such an annoying problem. At this stage, people just restart their system in order to resolve this issue. But the most annoying situation arises that after making several efforts, still they find that MacBook pro becomes unable to start.

Common Symptoms of MacBook Pro won't turn on:-

  • No any contents display on the screen
  • System produces no startup sound
  • Appearance of gray screen or blue screen
  • Sleep light does not turn on
  • Flashing question mark appears
  • Apple logo appears with spinning gear
  • Appearance of Kernel panic error and other system error

These problems somehow affects the functioning and performance of Mac OS. At this stage you are unable to access your stored data or programs. Also sometimes it happens that the above mentioned issues results in the severe data loss. So it is very necessary to resolve these issues in order to avoid further damages in MacBook Pro.

Tips to do when MacBook Pro won't Turn On:

  • Disconnect any peripherals device connected to the system, as connection of any faulty or defective device will disable Mac to start.

  • Check whether your power adapter is functioning properly or not. Defective power adapter can also become a major cause of this reason. So unplug the power adapter from your MacBook pro and electrical outlet, and then restart your laptop and see whether its starting or not

  • Check the battery's level of charge in MacBook by pressing the small button on the battery or on the side of your MacBook. If only a single light gets blink, then be sure that it is responsible for your dead MacBook. At this stage, just plug the power adapter and then recharge it

  • At times it happens that MacBook Pro won't turn on when some problems occurs with SMC(System Management Controller). In this situation you will have to reset SMC to resolve this issue

  • Also you need to reset PRAM to resolve the above mentioned issues. Press the power button and then hold down Command option P-R keys simultaneously. Release the key after hearing the startup chime

And in the case if these steps fails to resolve the problem then it might be possible that there is severe corruption issue in Mac operating system. Hardware issues, virus infection, corrupted system files, human errors etc disturbs the performance and functioning of Mac OS and thus results in the startup issues. Now the only solution of this problem is the re-installation of Mac OS. After re-installation of Mac, you will be able to use your Mac OS without facing any issues like MacBook Pro won't turn on, Mac start up issues, freezing issues etc. As re-installation of Mac OS deletes your stored data then you are suggested to use file recovery Mac software to get back your deleted and lost missing files.